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Who are we?

Welcome to Tier-1 Security Solutions, your trusted partner in advanced surveillance technology. Today’s businesses and organizations face an ever-increasing challenge to keep their properties and assets safe and secure. Passive surveillance systems can only provide a limited view of what has already happened, leaving you vulnerable to potential threats. That’s where we come in. Our advanced AI surveillance system, TIER-1 ANALYTICS, is a proactive solution that alerts security personnel in real-time when an event happens, giving you the power to take action and protect your assets. Our experienced team offers a comprehensive range of services, from asessment and deployment planning to installation, service and monitoring, backed by the most prominent and veteran Command and Control centers. Let us help you to stay one step ahead of the competition while achieving cost savings.

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Our solution

Introducing TIER-1 ANALYTICS, the advanced AI surveillance system that offers unmatched security and efficiency. Trusted by businesses and organizations worldwide, TIER-1 ANALYTICS has a proven track record of reducing false alarms and identifying suspicious activity with precision. Our dual-layer AI system elevates standard surveillance systems to a proactive, preemptive detection and warning tool, dismissing false alerts and alerting security teams and stakeholders in real-time. Alerts are screened by seasoned operatives, eliminating false positives, and communicating actionable information to designated contacts. With customizable rules that consider designated areas, object size and shape, movement, time constraints, and behavioral factors, multiple alerts can be combined and scheduled. The alerts are instantaneous. and include a picture highlighting the incident. An alert after human review arrives seconds later. Messages are sent  to designated contacts and a short video clip of the incident can follow shortly.
If desired, TIER-1 ANALYTICS can also be integrated into your existing control center for self-monitoring.

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How does Tier-1 solution work?

Tier-1 advantages

Seasoned technology

Chosen as the analytics technology for the 2008 Olympics Tier-1’s technology has evolved to be a world leader in facility protection analytics and is installed in hundreds of business locations and government facilities.

Tier-1 Analytics Solution


Tier-1 seasoned, and mature technology makes the system reliable and “noise free” from tree movements, car lights and reflections, element artifacts and more.
Moreover – Tier-1 can Identify complex situations which compound multiple occurrences.

Operational edge

Tier-1 operates 24/7 as a “force multiplier” enhancing your security team’s capability to monitor remote facility locations while engaging other tasks. This makes the system both a “guard enhancement” and if needed a “guard replacement” system.

Response time and communication

Tier-1 response turnaround time is one, if not the shortest, in the market. Within seconds of the incident the designated person receives a snapshot of it. Less than 10 seconds later they can have a short video clip delivered to their smartphone. No special application needed and no need to log into the surveillance system. Meanwhile, other measures can be deployed.
Available channels of communication include secure email, txt message and phone.

Human factor

Tier-1 technological edge and reliability allows the system to operate with a small crew. This enables us to recruit the best operatives available. Tier-1 operators are veterans of military field intelligence, intelligence and law enforcement communities. Our operators have the knowledge and expertise, unmatched by others, to see every incident through.

Camera and system independent

The Tier-1 system does not require any change in your surveillance system. Tier-1 will generate effective analytics from (almost) any video feed, from legacy analog to multi megapixel IP cameras. 
Tier-1 does not need to integrate with your surveillance system however if you do wish the integration into a surveillance or command & control systems is easy.

Value for money

Tier-1 advantages enable us to deploy and operate a state-of-the-art product at competitive pricing.

Cyber protected

All data and communications in Tier-1’s system are running through a highly encrypted and protected. The strictest available methods, protocols and equipment are integrated into the system.

Soutions for:


■ Property protection
■ Intrusion detection
■ Safety monitoring
■ Production streamlining
■ Loss prevention
■ Crowd counting
■ Fire and smoke detection


■ Campus protection
■ Activity monitoring 
■ Intrusion detection
■ Area control
■ People/car counting
■ Irregular activity
■ Fire and smoke detection

And More…

Houses of worship

■ Property protection
■ People/car counting
■ Activity monitoring
■ Area control
■ Intrusion detection
■ Safety monitoring
■ Incident identification













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